Make a Face

This is a simple "click" and "drag" game I made for children to learn some new words like "eyes" "nose" "mouth" etc. You can click on the arrow in the lower left corner to start a new game. I used a fairly inexpensive software called Tumult Hype. It was fun to make!!

Just click on the picture below to go to the "Make a Face" game. 

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Which Hippopotamus?

The example below is a conversation between two people at the zoo

enjoying watching the hippopotamuses.


A: Wow!! Many hippopotamus!! 

B: Yes, so many!! 

A: Oh look, that hippopotamus is very cute!!

B: Which hippopotamus?

A: That hippopotamus.

B; That hippopotamus over there?

A: No, the little hippopotamus next to that big hippopotamus.

B: That hippopotamus?

A: Yes! That hippopotamus!!



WOW!! Too many "hippopotamus" words!! 

So let’s try the same conversation again using the pronoun (代名詞) “one

in place of “hippopotamus”.


A: Wow!! Many hippopotamus!! 

B: Yes, so many!! 

A: Oh look, that one is very cute!!

B: Which one?

A: That one.

B; That one over there?

A: No, the little one next to that big one.

B: That one?

A: Yes! That one!!


As you can see you can save a lot of time and energy

by using the very convenient pronoun “one”!! 


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The 丁寧 Test

When talking to strangers it’s important to try and be polite. 


In the following example this sentence is very rude!!

“Hey you! Pass me the salt.”


The next example sounds polite but it really isn’t.

“Excuse me ma’am, pass the salt, please.”

(in this example the person doesn’t have a chance to answer “yes” or “no”)


The next sentence is the most polite.

“Excuse me sir, could you pass the salt, please?”


The 丁寧 Test - your request becomes most polite if you give the person you are asking a chance to answer “yes” or “no”.


Example 1:

A: Excuse me ma’am, could you pass the salt, please?”

B: Sure, here you are.

A: Thank you!


Example 2:

A: Excuse me sir, could you pass the salt, please?”

B: Sorry no!! (though hopefully this wouldn’t be the response)


So, make your request in the form of a question and give the

other person a chance to answer “yes’ or “no’ and it will always be the most polite.


Other examples - 

“Excuse me ma'am, may I sit here?’

“Excuse me sir, could I borrow your pen, please?”

“Excuse me ma'am, could you help me, please?”


Also, to show some respect to a stranger who’s an adult use either “sir” or “ma’am” as shown in the above examples.


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Let’s Play??? or Let’s Go???

I asked one of my students - “How was your weekend?”

She said - “I played ski.”

I pretended to hold some skis in my hands, threw them at her and said - “CATCH!!” 


I told her the only time you use the word “play” is when it’s a game. For example - play baseball, play tennis, play golf, play cards, play a video game, etc. So usually you need two people to play and there usually is a ball. “Let’s play tennis” or “I played golf yesterday".


Other things like skiing, camping, hiking, fishing, etc, are not games, they can be done with only one person and there is no ball. So in that case you’d say - “Let’s go skiing” or “I went hiking."


I asked my student again - “How was your weekend?”

She replied - “I went skiing!!”




Then she asked me - “Lanny, how was your weekend?”

I replied - “I played shopping!!”  



She became a little angry!


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挨拶 How To Greet Your Friends

The "greeting" on the left is TOO POLITE and never used in everyday conversation.

The one on the right is more natural and casual. 

Other responses to "How are you doing?" are - "Great!" or "Pretty good" or "Can't complain"


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